The App to Organize Academic Life of Any Student.
Syncs data with iOS and Windows versions.
Available for volume purchase.

iStudiez Pro is the best college educational software unique application for students. The app combines tracking schedule, homework and grades with a delightful user experience. We help you survive college!

Enjoy full Overview of classes and assignments every day

Show all the academic events you have for the given day.
This is real-time mode view tracks you college schedule during the day giving you full overview
of the classes or events you need to attend and assignments you need to complete.

Current day events are marked with Now and Next badges. Past classes are hidden automatically, but you still can see them by clicking Show Past Classes button.

The number of dots in calendar reflect the total of classes for each day. Bold selected dates hint that there are assignments due for those days.

The interface of the Week pane gives you the structured and neat presentation of your classes schedule.

Take charge of your education. All your homework and tasks in one place

The app allows you to easily manage all your homework and assignments.
Assignments view is a comprehensive tool to help you organize your academic work.

Sort your tasks by date, course and priority, set due dates and track your marks or grades received, in the Completed section.

Quick access to edit the details of each assignment.

Innovative schedule planner for college students.

This is where your schedule starts. Plan and manage your courses and classes details, locations, instructors info, holidays and grades.

The list of subjects and optional courses, sorted by semesters. You can track your GPA here if you turn this option on in the app.

Quick access to edit the details of each class.

Free Cloud Sync

iStudiez Pro syncs all the app data between Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android device and Windows PC. Once input in the app on any of your devices, your data is momentarily synced to all of the others where iStudiez Pro software is installed.

Grades and GPA

Use this best planner app to calculate your grades and track your GPA progress. The GPA calculator is very comprehensive and works flawlessly with percents, points and letters grading scales.

Today Widgets

Schedule Widget shows all your schedule (classes and exams) and Calendar events for today. Assignment Widget shows your assignments due up to a week ahead. See all your current and upcoming events for the day at a glance! Never be late with your assignments!


Catch your class or exam or assignment deadlines with smart notifications. Set notifications for all events and tasks. iStudiez Pro will take care you never miss any of those. You'll see notification way in advance and stay organized, more than ever.

Two-way integration with macOS Calendar app

Calendar events can be shown in iStudiez Pro. Moreover, you can share the app's schedule to other calendar apps. Wish to share your schedule with your friends (parents?) or important someone? Go ahead!

iStudiez Pro schedule in the Calendar app.

Calendar app events within iStudiez Pro.

iStudiez Pro Supports All Recent macOS Versions

macOS 10.11 "El Capitan"

macOS 10.12 "Sierra"

macOS 10.13 "High Sierra"